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Rebel Deck

Original + Couples Edition Bundle

Original + Couples Edition Bundle

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Cussy bundles are better! 

Get the Original Pink Deck which has general messages for everyone, plus the Couples Edition which focuses on real and relatable relationship messages. Both contain lots of swearing, so you've been warned!

We gave the ancient practice of divination a modern makeover and added a little insult to insight.

 These decks are rebellious, foul-mouthed and raw.

Ask the cards what you need to know right now!
  • 60 total cards
  • 58 message cards, 1 cover card, 1 instruction card
  • For the "Here and Now"
  • Coated
  • Each card measures approx. 3"x5"
  • Comes in a matte tuck box
  • Makes a funny and unique  gift   


WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about the Original Deck...

FIVE STARS! Perfect combination of guidance & raw honesty.
“Bluntness at its finest! I love how these cards tell it like it is!! Everybody needs a deck that gives you a straightforward message with no holding back. And this is just THAT deck! I absolutely LOVE it.” 
- Ashley

“If you don’t love cards that call you out on your bullsh*t, then you may be full of it!! The messages are perfect and necessary for spiritual growth!!”

Cards are on POINT!
"Love this deck for quick and easy readings. I pull a card almost every morning to see wtf the universe is telling me today, and the cards always resonate. This is not traditional tarot, it’s quick, dirty, and down to earth." 
- Stephanie

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING About the Couples Deck..

It's this or couples therapy.
“Just as sassy as it's single older sister deck, RD Couples Edition is here to inject a little reality into your romance readings. Adorably packaged in a tuck box, the cards are easy to handle and shuffle. Genderless and easily adapted into many different romantic scenarios, the deck works well for all types of relationships, including polyamorous relationships, cranky old married couples, and those newly in love cutesy couples that make us all throw up in our mouths a little.

Like its predecessor, readings are short and sweet, and this is an oracle deck, not a "true tarot". As such it's beginner-friendly and perfect for parties, game nights, and honestly drawing a card would be the perfect way to distract from that long screaming match you've been having all day about the leftovers your SO ate without asking you if you wanted any, and isn't that just selfishly typical of them to put their needs before yours, the jerk.

You need this deck. Your love life will thank you for it.”

Regular love decks make me wanna gag. So happy Rebel Deck came out with its own version. Love can suck sometimes, it's refreshing to see a card deck that keeps it real. 

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