Is REBEL DECK a tarot deck or an oracle deck?

REBEL DECK is an oracle deck. We took liberties with the word "tarot" in our tagline, for the print runs from February 2017 - August 2018, for marketing purposes. We want EVERYONE to have fun with spirituality but not everyone knows the difference between oracle and tarot.

Tarot has been around for several generations and has a set structure and often needs a person skilled in the art and science of it to be able to give a reading. Oracle cards are a newer thing and a lot of people don't know about them or the difference.

In our market research, most people understand that "tarot" is a tool for divination and were open to a deck, whereas they had no idea about oracle and were not open to a deck. So we asked tarot purists to be flexible with us.

Now that REBEL Deck has been in print since February 2017, and thanks to you, isn't going anywhere, we have changed the tag line of The Original Rebel Deck (printed from August 2018) to "The Oracle with Attitude". The Couples Edition will also carry this tag line in the print run after October 2018.

Who can use REBEL DECK?

Whether you have never picked up a tarot or oracle card in your life, or you are a seasoned reader, REBEL DECK will inject humor and realness into your day. Because the messages are clear and direct, you don't need any experience with reading, just pull a card! Take your deck to the bar, a party or just pull a card after a shitty day at work. REBEL DECK is like your crazy honest best friend in a bag!

What is with the LOGO??!! Unicorns are amazing!

Yes, Unicorns are amazing, magical, beautiful and also, NOT REAL! 
REBEL DECK messages are about realness. Sometimes life isn’t rainbows, butterflies and Kumbaya. This is why, although we still love unicorns, they are NOT ALLOWED at the REBEL DECK Party.

OH MY! Why such colorful language?

Because we are grown and we fucking wanted to. J/K! But really, the salty language is by design. It’s a shock to the system, a wake-up call, pure and simple. These messages can feel like you're talking to your bestie!  Look away if the words hurt your eyes, we’ll still love you.

How do I use REBEL DECK?

Hold your REBEL DECK circle side up. Close your eyes. Shuffle and focus. Ask the question, “What does life want me to know, RIGHT NOW?” Pick a card, read the front and turn over and read the back. If you need a little more insight about RIGHT NOW, then pull a few more cards.   

Got someone else on the brain? Ask about what life wants them to know. Pick a card!

You can try to do future or past questions or elaborate formations but that is not how these cards were designed. They are for the HERE and NOW.

Why should I get a REBEL DECK?

There is soooo much pressure to be perfect. We have to keep it all together and smile while doing it. We are never supposed to have a bad day, or be real about how hard life can be. REBEL DECK smashes the shit out of that idea. REBEL DECK provides a place to play, laugh and have fun with self-help and spirituality. 

You can be authentic here.  We NEED to laugh and/or cry while we work on ourselves. This is our take on divination.  In REBEL DECK land, you can say OM and FUCK in the same breath. REBEL DECK cards is another tool for movement. To get you unstuck. They are in-your-face and provocative by design.

If you are always tender-hearted, or super duper sensitive, then these are NOT the cards for you. If you need a dose of real shit every now and then, and understand the power of laughing at yourself and at life, then these are for you! If you need to lighten the fuck up, then you have FOUND your new deck!

Whether you have never owned a tarot deck or have 100, there is nothing this forward, simple and direct out there. REBEL DECK messages are like little truth bombs. Get some and let the exploding begin.

Do REBEL DECK Tarot Cards come with a booklet?

Nope and Nope. These messages are quick, dirty and direct. Other decks (much love), can be vague, and open to interpretation. Some decks need another person to help read the cards. REBEL DECK takes out the middle person. Life is giving you the direct smackdown. Get the message then go about your day!

Why is the design so simple?

REBEL DECK is doing it's own thing. The majority of decks have elaborate, ornate and beautiful artwork filled with symbolism. You could spend hours contemplating on just one card. REBEL DECK is the opposite. The bright colors and simple design get your attention so you can get your message and then get shit done.

Do REBEL DECK Cards come in a box?

Our 1st Edition that was printed from February 2017 till March 2018 came in a fishnet bag for online orders and a silicon band for some of our retail locations. Our 2nd Edition released in March 2018, now comes in a  shrink wrapped matte tuck box.

Do the deck colors mean anything? What about the number of cards in my REBEL DECK?

We wanted bright and colorful to support our fun and mainstream messages. No other meaning other than party colors! The number of cards in the 2nd edition is 60. We ended the deck when there was no more shit (at the time) to dish out! 

Where are REBEL DECK cards made?

Here in the U.S.A.! NOTE: Our first two printings (decks purchased before May 8th, 2017) should be treated with CARE as those decks were printed on un-coated paper.  We have since upgraded our paper stock and the cards are now coated.  Contact us at hey@rebeldeck.com if you have any questions.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Email hey@rebeldeck.com or contact newleafdist.com or Faire.com to place orders.




Why the fuck not? Lol! Really, it is because we were asked by our customers. They love the vibe of the original deck, but wanted more! They wanted a deck about relationships. There are lots of wonderful loving, lovely, soul mate, dating, twin flame decks. THIS IS NOT THAT DECK. These messages call things as they are. They cover chores, sex, communication and all the real and raw magic and fuckery that is couple hood. 

Who is this deck for?

Couples. All couples. 

How do we use the COUPLES EDITION?

Shuffle, think of your relationship. What does life what me, my person, or us to know, right now? Pick a card! It could be about you, about them or you together.  No past or future or elaborate readings. 1 to 3 card pulls and done!

As with the Original, there are 60 cards, it comes in a matte tuck box and there is no guide book.



Why did you make The GAME?

Customers asked for a game version of The REBEL DECK. I grew up with Mad Libs, so I used that as inspo for The GAME! Just another way to have fun with spirituality and self-development! 

How do we use The GAME?

Ask, what should I focus on right now? Shuffle the SCENARIO deck and flip card over. Think of that scenario and shuffle the ANSWER Deck. Flip it over. Put the two cards together for your reading. You can play the game by yourself, in a small group of close friends and with other oracle decks!



Why make a deck for Teens?

Soooo many customers love the Original, Couples and GAME editions, and soooo many customers had kids that were always getting into the decks. Parents kept having to edit or hide the decks- or give a lesson in adult words..lol. After many requests for a clean version for younger folx, the SFSC deck was created!

How do we use the SFSC?

Kids can think to themselves, "What does life want me to know right now"? Shuffle and then pick one to three cards. They can talk about the card, journal or just think to themselves. They can also pick for friends and family.

This deck, like all REBEL Decks are for the here and now and answer the question, "What do I need to know right now"? These decks aren't designed for past or future readings.