Love & Light...

Just kidding - Fuck that noise! Here in REBEL Deck land, we embrace all that is real, raw, and messy. Being on a spiritual path, or just living life, isn't always love, light and unicorns. If you need somewhere where you can cuss, laugh at yourself and be rebellious, then you've found your place.


Hi, I am Shannon and I am the creator and founder of REBEL Deck LLC!


Create spiritual & self-improvement tools that are real + relatable.

I created the Original REBEL DECK after my sassy intuitive voice saved me from sinking into a deep emotional hole.

I didn't need some sunshine and rainbow filled "You are on your path" message.

I needed guidance that felt down-to-earth. Like my bestie was lovingly grabbing my face but telling me to quit fucking whining.

Not finding cards that had this vibe, I decided to create them. The funny and in-your-face REBEL DECK was born.

  • THE OG

    I launched the Original REBEL DECK in February 2017.

    I sold out of my small trial print run (funded on my damn credit card) within a week!

    I knew then that there were others, like me, that were tired of not being allowed to have big feelings or a big voice and still "be spiritual".


    After the launch of the Orignial, I began to get feedback from others wanting a deck about love and relationships...The Couple Edition was launched.

    Then, people also kept asking for a game. A FUCKING GAME?!

    Well, why the F not? 


    REBEL DECK THE GAME was released in March 2019.

    THEN - Customers kept emailing me and telling me their kids were stealing their very "adult" decks and if I could make a teen deck without harsh words.

  • The So FRESH. So CLEAN

    The So. FRESH. So CLEAN. Deck was released in February 2022! PHEW!


who knew NOTHING about creating a deck, I work my ass off learning, failing, winning and connecting with others on a similar path.

I feel so damn grateful to be able to put these tools out into the world. REBEL Decks are not for everyone. But those people who work on themselves, and say the word FUCK a lot..will feel right at home in this spiritual madhouse. 

Need some sass for your ass? Get any or all of the REBEL DECKS. They will drop the truth bombs you never knew you always needed.

Not finding cards that had this vibe, I decided to create them. The funny and in-your-face REBEL DECK was born.

Shannon Gomez, MSOM, L.Ac., holds a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Shannon’s love for health and wellness began at an early age but was solidified when she worked as a health promoter in the Peace Corps.

Her passion then brought her to study and practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to her 4-year degree in Acupuncture and Herbs, Shannon has done two internships at Guang An Men Hospital in Beijing, China. She has been featured on the national television show, The LIST, speaking about acupressure. 

Shannon is also an intuitive and the creator and founder of REBEL Deck LLC, home of the funny and in-your-face oracle decks. Shannon created these sassy decks after her intuition saved her from sinking into a deep emotional hole.

These bestselling decks have been seen in Cosmopolitan, Allure, E! Entertainment, The Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, GAIA and Phoenix Magazine.

Her mission with REBEL Deck is to create spiritual and self-help tools that are real + relatable.

Shannon is happily married with three wonderful and rowdy children. You can either find her hiking in her beloved desert mountains or eating tacos and drinking green tea.