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So Fresh. So Clean.- Teen Edition (112 cards) + Meditation Bundle

So Fresh. So Clean.- Teen Edition (112 cards) + Meditation Bundle

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Inspired by the Original Rebel Deck, the So Fresh. So Clean. edition has our signature simple + direct vibe but without harsh words. This deck has a fresh mouth, but clean messages.

This Bundle Contains So Fresh. So Clean plus TWO quick and custom meditations delivered to your inbox. These mediations were made just for Rebel Deck customers by certified meditation teacher Karen Baden.  They are meant to be used daily and are designed for all humans.  

Deck contains 112 cards and is written for ages 13 and up. It’s perfect for anyone with a strong heart but sensitive ears. 
Shuffle, pick a card, and get dragged! See what life wants YOU to know right now!

  • 112 cards
  • One-sided for easy use
  • No adult words (like the Original, Couples and Game Decks)
  • Written with Teens in mind, but anyone can use
  • Real + Raw Messages
  • Includes 1 Welcome/ Resource Card, 1 Instruction Card, 110 message cards
  • Free 4 page PDF guide on how to do readings- sent to email 
  • Poker Size cards- 2 5/8 x 3 5/8 x 1 3/8- for smaller hands
  • Card Stock is 310gsm Casino
  • Smooth Aqueous coating for a nice slip
  • Shrinkwrapped Matte Tuck Box
  • Can be used with other oracle, affirmation and tarot decks
  • Portion of sales will be donated to support teen organizations.

Still not convinced? 

When Rebel Deck creator, Shannon, consulted teen counselor, Laura Benavieri on the content, Mrs. Benavieri explained that working with the cards, shuffling, holding them, etc. activates the brain in a more meaningful way than just having a conversation, reading, or watching a video.  

We use different information processing channels when we are playing, drawing cards, and reading the messages. We’re engaging our lower, upper, right, and left brain all at the same time. Teens are more likely to be engaged with the information and it’s more likely to land and stick.  Have more questions? Email us at

About Karen Baden:

Karen is a davidji Academy certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher and the owner and founder of Open Lotus Meditation. She believes her purpose in life is to inspire and teach others how meditation can lead to transformation and finding purpose, love and balance. Karen lives in beautiful Tucson, AZ with her husband, son and three goofy dogs. Learn more at Follow Karen on Instagram

What people are saying

"Even for my two kids ages, they are absolutely intrigued by a little PG/PG13 the perfect gateway for the wisdom soaking in! Brilliant"  

"The kids were looking through them in the backseat while running errands, waiting in the drive-through, etc, and they got a HUGE kick out of reading them and we had some really cool conversations as a result!"

These cards are amazingly special. They have some kick-butt energy to them. They should be in every teenager's bedroom. What a gift!




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