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F**@ YES!! You're HERE! 

Close your eyes.

Ask what does life want you to know right now!

Pick a number 1. through 4.







If you picked 1.

Dirty Dirty B! Time to clean some shit up. If you picked this card, there are some areas in your life that could benefit from some detox. Maybe it's personal, physical or mental. Whatever is clogging you up, time to get rid of it!

If you picked 2.

You got some good fortune coming your way! And who doesn't fucking want that?! However, something could get in the way of that good juju. And that thing is YOU! Make sure you aren't sabotaging yourself. Get your life right so you can get all the benefits of your hard work and blessings.

If you picked 3.

Self-Care Time! Yes, the term is overused, and YES it is STILL necessary. Take care of number fucking one. Start by getting some sleep!  Maybe you feel overwhelmed and you're being a grouch,. But maybe it's not because stuff has gone to shit, but because you need to take a fucking nap. Go get some zzzzz's.

If you picked 4.


You are are putting WAY too much energy on your own shit. Do something for someone else. Pay it forward, give back. It will shift your fucking mindset, which will help make room in your head for new fresh energy to flow.

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