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These are not your momma's oracle card readings. Here at REBEL DECK, we don't sugar coat a damn thing.

It's real, it's raw and it's in your face! Let's get to it.

REBEL DECK will get you in the FEELS. 

Time for shit to get real. Like really real.

If you are seeing this card, there is something that you are lying about. Time to get honest AF. 

Maybe you aren't being upfront with someone else, or worse, yourself? What are you hiding from? What are you afraid to face? 

And the bigger, deeper question is WHY?

This card, is a quintessential REBEL Deck card, dirty + direct. Time to uncover what is underneath, be honest and real about what you find.

It could be ugly. People might get angry, or cry. But sunshine is the best disinfectant. So bring the darkness to light. Then, GET ON WITH YOUR  FUCKING LIFE!


 See? That wasn't so bad! 
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* this card is from the Couples Edition