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An Oracle Game of Intuition and Divination.

A thick-ass deck full of fun and phrases.

REBEL Deck- The Game is a hybrid oracle deck focused on spirituality, self-help and truth bombs.

Created in the classic phrase-matching format, this versatile deck can be used solo, in combination with other decks and even played in a small group with close friends. And in true REBEL Deck style, the language can be dirty + direct.

This unique deck uses relatable, fill-in-the-blank Scenario Cards + in-your-face Answer cards. Put them together and the end result could be insightful, inspiring or insulting!

  • 112 total cards
  • Includes 3 Welcome/Instruction cards, 109 game cards
  • Poker Size cards- 2 5/8 x 3 5/8 x 1 3/8
  • Card Stock is 310gsm Casino
  • Smooth Aqueous coating for a nice slip
  • Shrinkwrapped Matte Tuck Box
  • Can be played alone or in a small group with close friends
  • Can be used with other oracle, affirmation and tarot decks
  • "3-Card Throwdown Spread" downloadable PDF included with purchase


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What people are saying

"I can't believe I found this deck! There is nothing like it out there. Game meets oracle deck, plus some snark? Yes please! Perfect for game night, or when I need something to get me out of my head."

I have every iteration of the Rebel Deck. The Original, The Couples Deck, and now The Game! It's just as irreverent as the other decks, which is the reason I love it so. And despite that silliness, it is ALWAYS dead on. It never lets me down when I need direction. It may look or seem like it's nothing more than a novelty deck, but it's the Real Deal. Good and straight-to-the-point readings abound when I use this deck. Well worth the money!



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