Free Rebel Pages- F*ck Being Stuck + Intuition Glow Up


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Pages and Prompts to help move you through your shit

REBEL Pages- A modern take on self-development tools that are rooted in research but still real and raw.

Your REBEL PAGES digital download includes:

  • Cover sheet 
  • Quick start guide
  • In-Depth Instructions
  • 11 printable templates
  • "GOT STUCK?" printable pin-up




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6 Ways to Increase Your Awareness 




Rebel Coloring! 

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Color your FUCKS Away!

Download Includes:

1 Colorable Cover Page

5 Designs inspired by favorite REBEL Deck Card messages

1 Design without a REBEL Message but with a place to record any card's insight

About Artist Michelle Pazicni

Michelle Pazicni is the creator of Visions Art Therapy, Counseling & Metaphysical Healing and is a registered art therapist, licensed professional clinical counselor and energy healer in Cleveland, Ohio.  She received her BA in Studio Art from Cleveland State University in 2007 and her MA of Art Therapy and Counseling from Ursuline College in 2012.  Michelle has been working for over 8 years helping others heal from trauma using many non-traditional techniques.  She is the author of "The Twelve Steps to Healing and Growth", an alternative and empowerment-based Twelve Steps and the Empowered Visions Deck, a 72 card oracle and affirmation deck.