Rebel Deck- Starter Pack I - Original Deck + Rebel Pages & Coloring Digital Downloads

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This Kick-Ass Bundle has all you need to get started!

Starter Pack I Includes:


1. REBEL Deck- The Original
2. Digital Downloads

Rebel Pages



After you place your order, your downloads will be emailed to you. Have some fcking fun while you wait for your deck to arrive!


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FIVE STARS! Perfect combination of guidance & raw honesty.
“Bluntness at its finest! I love how these cards tell it like it is!! Everybody needs a deck that gives you a straightforward message with no holding back. And this is just THAT deck! I absolutely LOVE it.” 
- Ashley

“If you don’t love cards that call you out on your bullsh*t, then you may be full of it!! The messages are perfect and necessary for spiritual growth!!”

Cards are on POINT!
"Love this deck for quick and easy readings. I pull a card almost every morning to see wtf the universe is telling me today, and the cards always resonate. This is not traditional tarot, it’s quick, dirty, and down to earth." 
- Stephanie
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