Glam Deck- Live Now! (90 Cards)

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5-year Anniversary Glam deck!

Limited Print run!

A glittery AF 90-card deck filled with cussy messages that keep it real and raw.

This Limited Edition Glam deck comes with 90 Cards, 60 Original Cards and 30 NEW CARDS! 

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  • Each card is blue core 300 gsm paper and measures at approx 3 x 5 inches (exactly 70mm x 120mm) with Glossy coating for durability. 

  • The Glam Edition also includes the beloved Rebel ASSFIRMATIONS. Like affirmations, but cussy and in-your-face. I have been using these assfirmations in my emails for years. Three of the most popular were included in the deck. 

  • These shimmery ass-kicking cards are meant for the here and now.

Whether you have never picked up an oracle card in your life, or you are a seasoned oracle or tarot reader, REBEL DECK will inject humor and realness into your day. Because the messages are clear and direct, you don't need any experience with reading, just pull a card!

Even though these cards are for past or future reading or intense spreads, some readers love to layer readings and they add Rebel Deck to other tarot and oracle decks. The funny yet direct messages add some bluntness and clarity.

Take your deck to the bar, yoga class, the office, a party or just pull a card after a shitty day. REBEL DECK is like your crazy honest best friend in a box! 


Shuffle and Ask the cards "what do I need to know right now?"


Get ready for an insulting yet insightful glitter bomb to explode all up in your face.


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