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Rebel Deck

Complete Rebel Deck Collection

Complete Rebel Deck Collection

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Need all the sass fo yo ass? Get the entire Rebel Deck collection! One for you, your relationship, happy hour, and your favorite young human! Or keep them all (we won't tell anyone). 

Bundle includes 4 decks + Custom Meditations

  • Original Deck (60 Cards)
  • Couples Deck (60 Cards)
  • The Game- Hybrid Oracle Game (112 cards)
  • So Fresh. So Clean. Teen (112 cards) * no cuss words
  • Zero fcks spread and Teen How to PDF sent to email
All decks come in a tuck box and have a durable smooth coating.

Meditations- made just for Rebel Deck!

  • 9 min. Real and Raw Meditation to help you deal with bullshit! (contains cussing)
  • 5 min. gratitude meditation
  • 5 min. general meditation
  • 17 min crystal bowl sound healing

All meditations use science-backed techniques and are specially curated for Rebel Deck customers. We partnered with Certified Meditation Teacher, Karen Baden to offer practical and effective meditations. Meditations send to email. 



FIVE STARS! Perfect combination of guidance & raw honesty.
“Bluntness at its finest! I love how these cards tell it like it is!! Everybody needs a deck that gives you a straightforward message with no holding back. And this is just THAT deck! I absolutely LOVE it.” 
- Ashley

“If you don’t love cards that call you out on your bullsh*t, then you may be full of it!! The messages are perfect and necessary for spiritual growth!!”

Cards are on POINT!
"Love this deck for quick and easy readings. I pull a card almost every morning to see wtf the universe is telling me today, and the cards always resonate. This is not traditional tarot, it’s quick, dirty, and down to earth." 
- Stephanie


About Meditation Teacher Karen Baden

Karen is a davidji Academy certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher and the owner and founder of Open Lotus Meditation. She believes her purpose in life is to inspire and teach others how meditation can lead to transformation and finding purpose, love and balance. Karen lives in beautiful Tucson, AZ with her husband, son and three goofy dogs. Learn more at Follow Karen on Instagram

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